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The professionals at Locksmith Wiz are well aware that deadbolts are important to your safety. We recommend using deadbolts that require keys. Locksmith Katy professionals know that the deadbolts that turn can be unlocked by just about anyone. Our 24-Hour Locksmith pros in Katy, TX can fix the screw ups of lesser locksmiths. See, we get most of our calls because of bad deadbolts. Bad deadbolts are installed because locksmiths who install them aren’t professional. We are. Our Locksmith Katy technicians love to see the look on your face when we finish a good job.

Answering You Calls Everyday

It is a foregone conclusion that you should change your locks every couple of months. This means there is a smaller chance that someone with a copy of your key will get into your house. This happens more than you think with new homes. See, when a person gets a new house, the previous owners or renters may have given copies of their keys to many other people. Our Locksmith Wiz pros can fix this. Our Locksmith Katy professionals know how to change out your locks fast.

On The Hour Service

When ever you are in a urgent situation that calls for Locksmith Katy professionals to show up, just wait. We’ve seen countless people break legs, bones, and hands trying to punch or kick a window or door. This isn’t the best way to approach key retrieval. Never try to take these matters in to your own hands. Leave it to the professionals at Locksmith Katy services. Our team of experts always knows to put you first. Our prices can’t be beat, and you’ll love the quality you get for your dollar.

Locksmith Katy Services For All

One of the biggest issues with customers is that during emergencies, many of them call multiple lock and key technicians. Our Emergency Locksmith professionals in Katy are always ready to help you. But when we arrive to help you and see that there are 67 other locksmiths on site, it’s frustrating. It’s upsetting because we could be doing business for other deserving customers. Our Locksmith Katy professionals would love to be your one stop shop for security solutions. Just please be considerate to us, and to other customers that may need us.

Quality Work

When it comes to identification and credentials, our guys have them both. All you have to do is ask and we will happily flash you our badges and credentials. It’s important that you show us yours too. Why? Because there are always situations where people pose as homeowners to get  a locksmith to get them into the house. Our Locksmith Katy professionals work by following procedure. We are very strict when it comes to this issue because we care about you.